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Meet Kacie!

It takes a village!  Who is in your tribe? Where does your support come from as a parent?  The Village Parent was founded to positively impact the Parent-Child relationship by increasing Parent's tools and knowledge of Early Childhood Development.

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Kacie, the founder, is a mother and educator who believes in the power of a positive family dynamic. She has over 17 years of experience working with children and parents in her community.  She supports families through a holistic parent coaching approach, public speaking, parenting classes, and nutritional coaching.


Kacie attended MSU Denver and holds a BA in Human Development with a concentration of Early Childhood Education, as well as a Minor in Nutrition. Her education has been further expanded as a REAL Essentials Facilitator through the Center for Relationship Development.  Kacie is also a Trained Independent Facilitator of Love & Logic Curricula.  


Her passions include empowering parents and children to achieve their goals and desires, improving parent-child relationships, and assisting families in their overall health through nutritional awareness.

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Featured in:

Colorado Parent Magazine

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Early Childhood Development

Kacie has devoted much of her life to understanding how young children grow and learn. Her experience, education, and work has further expanded her knowledge and equipped her to bring fresh tools to parents, educators, and caregivers.  Her primary focus is to bring harmony to families, bridge the gap between educators and parents, and empower the lives of children in her community. 

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Family Health and Nutrition

Kacie's personal journey with health and nutrition led her down a path of true healing.  Her hope is that families in her surrounding community will learn to be proactive in their own health by learning to adopt a more fulfilling lifestyle.  She believes that food and activity is a part of what brings each family together.  Her approach in teaching helps unite parents and children to make healthier choices that are adaptable to their unique needs, values, and family culture. 

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