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Jenna G.

Kacie’s Love & Logic course blew me away. The methods make so much sense and while they take time and adjustment to fully implement they are pure gold. I wish I had these tools and methods long before now. Out home is a much happier place to live now that I have Love and Logic knowledge. I would highly recommend this class to all parents of small children. Being able to support your child’s emotional needs while still being able to change their behavior in a positive way is amazing! My kids are happier now too!

Sara T.

Taking the Love & Logic parenting class through The Village Parent was the best thing I've done for my family and kids. It's given me tools to effectively disciple, change attitudes, and enjoy these years with my young kids. I highly recommend this class to every parent. 

Aprille V.

Kacie’s educational background and experience working with children as well as the Love & Logic tools have been such a blessing in our families lives. We appreciate the community of parents, discussions and visual tools provided by The Village Parent. Parents need this support and we are glad to have completed two courses so far and will continue to work with Kacie in the future! I highly recommend her workshops and coaching!

Jen H.-

"If you are looking for some extra guidance for how to be more effective with your kids, Kacie with The Village Parent Connection is fantastic. She is trained in Love & Logic, but customizes the approach to work for your family’s unique situation. We hired Kacie for private coaching and I am so excited we did. She gave both me and my daughter tools to use when communicating with each other that have proven to be incredibly effective."

Amy R.-

"My husband and I are eternally grateful to Kacie. We have a free-spirited toddler and the tools we learned from her Love & Logic Class absolutely saved our sanity! Super helpful. Kacie is always on “standby” for any question I have. So happy we have her as our parenting resource. ❤️❤️❤️"

Katie M.-

"I've been a single young mom raising my now 4 year old until recently. My boyfriend and I took this class. My son was getting in trouble in school to the point that he was getting kicked out. Since then, hes been the teachers helper and is helping me around the house. He's learned his manners and how to use is words. He is overall a MUCH happier little man and everyone in the household is much happier as well. This was life changing! Kacie is such a genuinely caring person and you can tell she is passionate about helping families. She was so patient and answered all of our questions with so much detail. I've recommended this class to everyone I know with children with behavioral issues or not. I promise it will be the best thing you do as a parent! Thank you Kacie!"

How can the Love & Logic approach help?

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