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Events & Workshops

A variety services are available, including classes, workshops, and individualized parent coaching.  Please read below for details.


Parenting with Love & Logic

This 5-6 week course is designed to add to your parental "toolbox".  It offers strategies and techniques that are adaptable to any family structure.  If you want to learn how to motivate your child to make good choices, keep a positive energy in your home, and improve the quality of relationship you have with your child, then this is the class for you!



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Strong Willed Child Support Group 


This is a FREE support group for parents with spirited children, up to 10 years old.  We meet monthly over Zoom Video Conferencing to discuss strategies for parenting and brining harmony to our home environments.


Online Group Coaching Program 


This is a more convenient and affordable way to hire a parent coach!  In this program you will be added to a group of up to15 other parents who have children around the same age as yours.  We meet for 6 weekly sessions, over Zoom Video Conferencing as Kacie teaches you how to implement her 9 Core Strategies for Empowered Parenting.


 Parents of Picky Eaters 


Every parent wants their child to eat a healthy diet, but there can be a lot of obstacles.  Between picky eating, food allergies, and busy schedules, getting your kiddo then nutrients they need can be challenging.  Learn strategies to overcome those obstacles and get your whole family on the same page with this essential parenting course!  With this On Demand E-course, you will learn all about the importance of the family table, and how to make some healthier, yet yummy swaps in your favorite family dishes.

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Potty Training Workshop 


Learn the best techniques and steer clear of the tears with this On Demand E-course.  Potty Training doesn't have to be stressful! It also doesn't have to happen in 3 days or less! Join us to learn how to find the best potty training approach for your child!

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Baby-led Weaning & Choking Prevention Workshop

Get a solid foundation for introducing foods to your baby with confidence! Come learn alongside other parents about the ins and outs of Baby-led Weaning, common misconceptions, and choking prevention.  This class will empower you with the knowledge to implement Baby-led Weaning in a safe way!


Teaching with Love & Logic

This 9 Session course is designed to help teachers and educators learn how to enhance the learning experience for each and every student they impact.  It takes a village when it comes to raising children.  Whether it's their parents, educators, or caregivers, children need us to be on the same team!  This dynamic course offers strategies that empower you as a part of that team.  If you want to boost the intrinsic motivation of your students, maintain a positive classroom environment, and guide students through social and academic challenges, then this is the perfect course for you!


Positive Discipline 


Are you searching for a way to enforce boundaries without losing your cool?  Do you feel frustrated in parenting, as if consequences don't work with your child? 


Join us for this in person MASTERCLASS as Kacie teaches how to implement a more positive approach to discipline.

Pathways Mom's Group 

A FREE natural-minded group form moms with infants under the age of 1 year.  Join us at Kindred Chiropractic in Northglenn, CO every 4th Monday of the Monday at 9:30 AM.  Please RSVP as space is limited.

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