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What is a childcare consultant? 


Becoming a parent is both exciting and overwhelming.  You know you want to set your little one up for success from the very start.  You are aware of how important the early years of development are so you want to find the perfect childcare setting. 


Navigating the world of childcare comes with a lot of questions, fears, and pressure.  You may wonder what the best fit will be.  The truth is, its different for each family.  Some choose a childcare facility while others prefer to hire a nanny or au pair.  The biggest question in your mind may be, "How do I know I'm making the 'right' decision for my family?"

A childcare consultant can guide you through this process with confidence and ease by:

  • Helping you to identify your unique childcare needs

  • Educating you on the process, guidelines, and practices of local childcare facilities

  • Teaching you the best process to hire a nanny or childcare provider confidently

  • Offering support through answering questions and discussing you and your child's needs

  • Providing resources for managing the childcare setting you choose

How do I get started?


Kacie will meet with you for an initial 30 minute consultation to assess your family's goals, needs, and concerns.

From there you can book 3, one hour coaching sessions where Kacie will teach you the best practices for whichever childcare avenue you choose.  She will be there to support you by helping you formulate a "game plan"and answering questions that come up along the way. 

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