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Preparing for Parenthood: 7 Simple Ways to Make Motherhood a Little Easier

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The experience of preparing for a baby is a unique blend of excitement and anxious preparation. The fact that you’re looking up ways to prepare is already a good indicator that you’re going to do an awesome job. Here are seven simple ways to prepare for your new baby and simplify your life.

Start Preparing Financially

According to NerdWallet, a couple of important areas to prepare for financially are checking out insurance, preparing for maternity leave, and checking your emergency fund. Talking with your insurance provider is important because it gives you a chance to learn what tests and procedures are covered, what the maximum benefit is, what would happen if your baby was premature, or what practitioners are in your insurance network.

Borrow a Bit

The first year of a baby’s development is super rapid. You’ll be looking at clothes that fit perfectly just a couple weeks earlier but are much too small now. Some items are better to just borrow than to buy. You can find free things online, or you may have friends and family who are looking to get rid of some of their extra items. You can still have nice things, but for more temporary items, used items can do the job just as well.

Consider the Baby Room

The baby room is not only going to be your baby’s future home, but yours as well. Consider different types of colors, as well as an overall theme. Organize it in a both a functional and fun way. You’ll need a diaper-changing station and an area for nursing. Your baby won’t remember how the room looks, so design it in a way that works for you. Choose colors that are soft and easy on the eyes. Feel free to update the room as you’d like.

Develop Good Dietary Habits

There are lots of dietary recommendations given to pregnant women to help their baby be healthy, but what about after pregnancy? You can get into good habits now! An article from Parenting recommends you prepare meals in advance. Make sure you get three different servings of food each day, complete with vegetables and other healthy foods. This will help prepare you for the blur that occurs during the first couple weeks of being with your new baby.

Don’t Forget Self-Care

According to Business Insider, one parenting psychologist emphasizes self-care as one of the four fundamental points that parents-to-be need to remember. A little self-care can go a long way toward a healthy relationship with your child. Take some time to eat healthfully, and do what you can to get enough sleep. Sometimes you’ll need to hire a babysitter to get some time for yourself, but this will make a difference in your life.

Take a Walk

Walking can help you feel energized, find some personal time, and can help stave off postpartum depression. Take walks regularly to help clear your head and take a break from your typical day. Walking before you have the baby, even though you feel stiff, can help you maintain flexibility and will make the post-baby transition much easier.

Prepare Your Support Network

If you have a partner helping you raise your baby, talk with them openly about expectations and excitements that you both have. Talk to your partner about some of the major issues that come with being a parent. If you don’t have a partner, you can still get advice and support from loving friends and family. They’ll give you some practical and amusing tips for what to look out for. Make sure you have a supportive network, as they can help you stay happy.

As you prepare for your baby, make sure you have the basics covered: a nice, welcoming room, a solid support system, and good self-care habits. You may not feel ready, but you’ll be a few steps ahead. You can bond with your child better and enjoy the rewards of motherhood.

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